My Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines’ Secret to Younger Skin

black pearl cosmetics philippines - travel blogger reviewIt’s no secret that I love being a freelance travel writer and visiting sun-kissed beaches in exotic locations, but spending a lot of time for years outdoors in all sorts of weather I’ve started to feel lately as if I look years older than I am. I also spend a lot of time around beautifully stunning women all over the world who are privy to the most modern skin treatments from exclusive spas, boutiques, and medical professionals. They get treatments like Botox and fillers regularly and less invasive but pampering and luxurious products like Black Pearl Cosmetics available in the Philippines to use daily or weekly.

Being around these women makes me ultra aware of my age and aging skin.  It was okay when I was much younger with plump resilient skin but recently after a substantial weight loss and the accompanying loss of plumpness in my face and neck I’ve become quite self-conscious. In my quest to turn back time I’ve begun to spend a lot of effort and cash trying to keep the years at bay.


Why Black Pearl Products Over Drug Store Brands?

The biggest investment, and biggest challenge, in staying younger looking is especially the skin of my face and neck. I have accumulated an alarming number of drawers full of products promising to firm, tone, tighten, brighten and generally turn back the effects of time. Some products delivered better than others on their promises, and some not at all.

When I decided the common drug store products weren’t delivering the results I wanted I did some research. Also, since I am nearly always close enough to an exclusive area where women have access to the very best of products, and the beautiful women who knew the best products to use, I asked around. What I heard repeatedly was about the Black Pearl Skincare line of products. After doing my own research on the products and their claims I made an appointment and went to a Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines kiosk in Makati to learn more.

black pearl cosmetics philippines - pure collagen firming mask productI specifically chose to begin with the Black Pearl Royalty Pure Collagen Firming Mask after being assured I would be delighted with the immediate lifting and smoothing effect and ongoing assistance in the delay of skin sagging and aging. I was intrigued enough to hand over what seemed at the time like three years salary. After all it was much less expensive than a face and neck lift and besides, I’m in no hurry to become one of those women with a permanently surprised look.


What Makes Black Pearl Cosmetics Special?

I know from years of research and experience that pure collagen is a key ingredient in keeping skin supple and firm. After all, it’s what our body produces abundantly when we are young but less as we grow into our late 30’s and producing less and less as we get older. Another key ingredient in this ultra exclusive, quality product, which I have read and heard so many positive reviews on, is the natural active Dead-Sea minerals. Dead-Sea minerals contain many naturally occurring properties such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and sulfur to name only a few of the minerals having healing properties.

From Black Pearl Cosmetics Website:

Pure Collagen Firming Mask

This wonderful Pure Collagen mask by Black Pearl is enriched with extremely active Dead Sea minerals, essential oils, and natural extracts that act on the deepest layers of skin while helping to stimulate healthful cell regeneration. The mask contains a high concentration of pure collagen, seaweed, and hyaluronic acid, which acts as a catalyst to produce newer, younger and firmer cells, help diminish small wrinkles, and increase the flexibility of the skin. The mask improves the level of moisture in the epidermis layer, rejuvenates the skin, and combats sagging. After using the mask, your skin will look smooth, firm, radiant, flexible, youthful, and healthy.

The Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines Experience?

With high hopes that my investment would take me back if not to my twenties then maybe at least to my early 30’s I opened the intriguing jar that sort of reminded me of a Faberge’ Egg made for royalty much like the name Black Pearl Royalty suggests. Not that I’ve ever actually held a Faberge Egg but the weight, shape, and feel of the jar did make me feel better about the cost. It felt substantial and luxurious in my hand.

Opening and applying the thick, creamy, almost decadent, mask I felt a bit nervous. The consultant who had instructed me how to use the mask did their job well though, so I did know what to do with it and the proper preparation of my face for this step. The benefit of an exclusive product is the personal attention of a knowledgeable professional, instead of a generic printed insert in the box. Following the step-by-step guidance and instruction, I had received from the expert consultant I was soon over my initial anxiety.

Maybe I was influenced somewhat by expectations that I really hoped and wanted to see amazing results but after the first use my skin seemed brighter, plumper, more supple and yes, even a bit more firm. The sagging around the mouth area and lines from nose to mouth seemed less like a ravine and my cheek and jaw line seemed younger. It is the closest I’ve been to a face-lift in a jar. Most noticeable though was the dark under eye bags and the pursed lip lines seemed much more smooth and soft.

Would I Recommend Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines’ Royalty Pure Collagen Firming Mask?

After 4 weeks of use, I am thrilled with the results of firmer looking skin along my jaw, cheeks, and eyes. My face is soft and the old sun damage is noticeably faded. My treasured bottle of Black Pearl Royalty Pure Collagen Firming Mask really is giving me back a more youthful and vibrant skin texture and tone. I am completely hooked and the jar still has many more applications.  As far as I’m concerned the product is as good as Botox without the needles and possible side effects. This is one jar that won’t end up in the drawers of broken dreams and promises.

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines made a believer of me for this product alone. I will be trying more of their line soon especially since I’ve found that some are being sold online like in OLX Philippines, MyBenta and Shopee Philippines. The lesson here to you younger women is to start early taking the time to care for your skin and use high-quality products consistently. Oh, and stay out of the sun as much as possible using a good sunscreen whenever you are outdoors.


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