Black Pearl Skin Care Philippines’ My Secret To Getting That Youthful Glow At Any Age

The glow of last night’s long anticipated first date with Mister Rugged and Handsome is still with me this morning. It was the best first date ever! I felt so beautiful and confident thanks in a large part to my Black Pearl Skin Care as distributed in the Philippines. My skin has never looked so flawless and youthful. Even when I was in my twenties I had breakouts and when I’d use products for the breakouts my skin would flake and peel and turn red. Then after the breakout was over with it left dark scars for weeks where the blemish used to be and my skin was a mess!!

Last night I felt like Cinderella at the ball with her prince, as if a fairy godmother had waved a magic wand and every single flaw was gone, and luckily for this Cinderella it lasted way past midnight. I only wish I’d discovered Black Pearl Skin Care years ago.

Black Pearl Royalty Age-Control Perfect Day Cream 45+ SPF 25How I Became More Confident By Using Black Pearl Skincare Philippines

The date was a mixture of magical romantic moments, side-splitting laughter and pure bliss. Mister Rugged and Handsome is as ruggedly handsome and fascinating as I remembered from my travel writing assignment on the glamping trip where we first met. We’ve been talking on the phone since then but last night was our first meeting since the glamping trip to the dunes. He is so funny, smart and attentive, all in perfect proportions, and guess what? He’s coming to pick me up to take me out for Sunday brunch this morning! It’s true what they say about confidence being the biggest beauty secret of all, and my confidence has grown by leaps and bounds since I discovered Black Pearl Skin Care, and my skin has become nearly flawless.

Last night we stayed out so late and as soon as I got in, of course I had to call my best friend to dish about the date, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep. Thank goodness I have my Black Pearl Cosmetics to brighten, tighten, tone, and wipe away the ravages of a night with not enough sleep. Our date this morning is in the unrelenting light of day and any imperfections won’t be buffered by twinkling fairy lights and flattering candlelight but will be a real test where every little flaw can be seen. I’m totally counting on my Black Pearl Cosmetics to provide the magical glow today.

The Luxury and Benefits of Black Pearl Cosmetic Unique Ingredients

Since we will be out in the sun I’ll need something with sunscreen to protect my skin. I don’t want to break out or be sweaty and shiny faced so I won’t be using a regular sunblock on my face, neck and upper chest skin. Thankfully, a few weeks back I ordered Black Pearl Skin Care Royalty Age-Control Perfect Day Cream from the Black Pearl line of skincare and it has a built in sunscreen with a 25 SPF to protect my face from the damage being in the sun can cause.

It also uses Pearl Powder, which is made from honest to goodness finely ground up real pearls!! Pearls contain something called Nacre which is responsible for the iridescence of the pearl and in Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines acts a skin whitener/brightener to fade old sun damage, age spots and exfoliates gently.

Strands of PearlsSeaweed is another natural ancient secret with healing properties. Seaweed contains naturally high concentrations of B vitamins, amino acids, and minerals which are easily absorbed into the skin to provide anti-inflammatory properties. It gives skin a gentle exfoliation to help unclog pores and helps take away minor swelling and redness of blemishes and reduces puffiness.

The active Dead Sea minerals have naturally occurring magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium, which combine to nourish skin and enhance collagen production, something we all need in order to regenerate supple firm skin.  

These highly concentrated vitamins and minerals along with lavish moisturizing carriers and essential oils that are easily absorbed into the skin are what Black Pearl Philippines Skin Care products are specially formulated for in order to provide an optimum environment for our skin to renew more efficiently.

I would expect to spend a month wages on something this effective and efficient but in reality the cost for most of the Black Pearl Skin Care products is completely affordable and much less costly than even a day at a reputable spa. Plus, you get to pamper your skin on a daily basis instead of once a year.

The sun won’t be super bad, and I’ll be wearing this cute new hat I couldn’t resist when I found it in a little boutique on assignment in Paris, so the 25 SPF in the day cream will be perfect under my light makeup. That’s another bonus of using Black Pearl Cosmetics, I don’t need to have such a heavy hand when applying my make up. I only need to use it to accentuate the natural glow my skin has these days instead of trying to cover up my age.

Look As If You Spent Hours Instead of Minutes Using Black Pearl Skincare

After cleansing my skin with my Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser and patting my face dry, I used a tiny squirt of the Black Pearl Royalty Age Control Contouring Face and Eye Cream Serum for the puffiness and dark circles that are results of my late, mostly sleepless, night. I waited a few seconds for that to be absorbed and do it’s magic, then I applied a small dollop of the Black Pearl Royalty Age-Control Perfect Day Cream and the difference was nearly immediate, although I do know using these products consistently over the past couple of months have made lasting changes in my skin. Afterwards, a light smidgen of foundation and couple of coats of mascara, a bit of eyeliner, some lip gloss, and brow powder and I was ready for brunch with Mister Rugged and Handsome!

My Black Pearl Philippines in Makati Skin Care routine is so efficient and effective these days and my skin has an absolute dreamy, translucent, glow. The only problem with that is, it leaves me more time for agonizing over what to wear! My bedroom looks like a cyclone hit it this morning and don’t even get me started on my hair, but those are blogs for another day. Right now I hear the knock at my door that says I’m not dreaming after all so let’s forget about that pinch.

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