Getting Rid of Unbalanced and Patchy Skin Once and for All

woman touching her smooth skinI have had combination skin for as long as I can remember. It is such a hassle as I always have to use different products on my skin just to cater to both the oily and dry parts.

My skin especially screams havoc during hotter days. The center of my forehead, nose and chin area can get extremely oily, while my cheeks and temples can get overly dry. It is frustrating, and I have tried every product there is to try to make my skin more balanced.

This is why I am extremely thankful that I have stumbled upon Kedma Philippines, which skin care gurus have sworn by. They have a facial wash and toner combo that contains a facial milk cleanser, which promises to make your skin smoother and more balance, and a toner, which keeps oil and excess sebum at bay.

I make sure to use the facial cleanser twice every day to keep my skin hydrated and smooth. Next, I use the toner and focus it on my problem areas such as the nose, forehead and chin.

Since I have started using this combo, I have noticed that my skin has become way more balanced. My problem areas do not seem to be extremely oily as well — even on hotter days. My cheeks and temples also seem to be a bit more moisturized, and my skin on that area stopped peeling!

I also make sure to get lots of rest. This helps with keeping skin balanced. I get at least 8 hours of sleep per night to make sure that I keep my skin healthy all throughout.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your skin come to life. Use the right products, follow your doctor’s advice and see a massive difference in your skin!

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