Review: Black Pearl 24k Gold Devine Facial Serum

Gold Face MaskLuxury skin care lines have used a wide variety of unusual ingredients in their products over the past years, and I’ve been lucky enough to get to try some of them. We’ve got things like activated charcoal, snail extract and Dead Sea salt being added to creams, soaps, serums and other skin care formulas. The latest, and perhaps the most luxurious of all ingredients so far, is gold.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Black Pearl cosmetics’ most high-end product: the 24k Gold Devine Facial Serum. This is the most precious skin care product – not just serum, but skin care product! – that I’ve ever tried and the name tells you why: it is a 24-karat gold based serum. Just imagine your jewelry, except it’s not on your wrists or around your neck or on your fingers – it’s in your skin!

The benefits of gold on skin

If you’ve never tried a gold-based skin care product before, you’re probably wondering what good it will do to your skin. After all, isn’t gold a metal, and isn’t it absent in our bodies? Before using Black Pearl’s serum and doing research on gold as a primary skin care ingredient, I even thought it might be toxic on the skin. I was way off base with my assumptions.

Gold has antioxidant properties that helps maintain the youthful look of the skin and prevents skin aging due to different agents. While there is no scientific proof yet that gold is a better antioxidant than, say, berries (which are known to be the most concentrated natural antioxidants), it is a powerful and effective antioxidant just the same.

Gold also has anti-inflammatory properties. cited skin care physician Tabasum Mir as saying gold can “calm acne inflammation, reduce skin redness and protect against free radicals that lead to wrinkles and sun damage.” In the same piece, Mir cited that the risk for using gold-based skin care products or products with nano gold flakes is low because the metal is not soluble. This means if you have sensitive skin, you’re not likely to get an allergic reaction from gold-based skin care products.

But my favorite effect of gold on the skin is its ability to make your skin look brighter immediately after use. Mir describes it as making your skin look “more tinted or highlighted.” A built-in highlighter with your serum? Why not!

Of course, the same citation notes to take these list of benefits with a grain of salt – and with that, I move to my disclaimer.

For everyone – and not for everyoneBlack Pearl 24k Face Serum

This disclaimer is absolutely necessary because we’re discussing not just any gold-based serum: Black Pearl’s serum is based on 24-karat gold. That being said, expect this product to be hefty on the pockets – it’s quite expensive, but for good reason. You can expect higher concentrations of gold enriched with Black Pearl’s signature combination of natural minerals from the Dead Sea. I was willing to try this because I’ve tried other Black Pearl products before and they are worth dropping the extra bucks for.

Let’s start with the packaging. When you’re paying for extra, you want to see the quality of the product from the packaging to the effects on your skin. The 24k Gold Devine Facial Cream delivers: it comes in a high-quality transparent glass bottle with a gold interior. The bottle is minimal – you only see the name of the product on the bottle, no other details.

Here’s the good news: Black Pearl says this facial serum is compatible with all skin types – that’s what I meant when I said it’s for everyone. This is because as the sea salt in the serum heals the skin, the minerals in the serum help keep your skin hydrated enough so it doesn’t dry and flake or overcompensate with sebum production.

I tried it with the simplest skin care routine: I used it twice a day, after washing my face, cleansing with micellar water and applying toner. Because I have somewhat sensitive skin, and because I wanted to experience the full effect of the serum, I applied the serum before applying my moisturizer at night.

The serum is rich, and a little bit goes a long way with this one. The pump helps control the portions, and I only pump a pea-sized portion for my entire face and neck. I like that it comes in a non-greasy formula; that way, on days I applied too much product (and I overdid it the first couple of days), I still didn’t look oily. My skin easily absorbed the serum and I immediately felt my skin feel softer. The gold in the serum also gave me a glowing complexion – my skin looked brighter and friends noticed there was something different about my face.

I’ve been using it for a couple weeks now, and while it’s too early to conclude that its anti-aging properties work, I have noticed some fine lines around my eye area begin to disappear. I’ve also had less breakouts since I began to use this serum. It’s an investment for sure – at almost $1,500, it’s on the upper area of the high-end serums. But if you can afford to get it, I highly recommend you do. You won’t regret it.

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