Age Elegantly Like a True Egyptian Queen with 24K Gold Facial

Cleopatra was always known for her seductive and ageless beauty that you can easily find people searching for her natural beauty secrets online. The Egyptian Queen is the envy of many, even after centuries has passed. It’s no wonder a big beauty brand like Black Pearl used her as an inspiration to create some of their gold cosmetics products. Yes – GOLD. It’s incredible to think that Sea of Spa has done the proper research and testing.  I guess it’s true what their Sales Associates say: they know their stuff.  As one who would never pass out on a possible legendary beauty find, I had to include another of Black Pearl Philippines’ reviews.

I will include my first impressions and what my skin felt while using this glorious and effective product.

Cleopatra Mask

I’ve always been a fan of Black Pearl, but hearing this new collection got me feeling all giddy inside. Who would not want the reinvigorating luxury of 24K gold on their faces? The first thing that I had to try was their Cleopatra Mask that comes in a classy gold cosmetics jar. They explain that the gold contains anti-aging properties, along with antimicrobial and antioxidant effect.

My skin felt smoother, clearer, firmer and it even has a more radiant tone. It is available for all skin types, so you wouldn’t really have to worry if it will still have an effect on your oily skin.

Divine Face Serum

To protect my face from the sun, I use their serum that smoothens and rehydrates my face. Once applied, you can feel the serum seamlessly absorb through your skin providing your face natural radiance and sparkling glow. The packaging resembles the Cleopatra Mask, but this is smaller and taller in size.

I basically felt like I was unleashing my inner Egyptian Queen by using Black Pearl cosmetics that my friends even asked me for a review as soon as I can. Without even knowing what I was using in the first place, my peers were already hooked, and I’d have to thank Black Pearl Cosmetics for their remarkable products.