Battling Fatigued and Aging Skin with Black Pearl Prestige Capsules from Sea of Spa

So skincare was just really, really, really near the bottom of my priority list for years.  I’ve always said that I’d rather buy pretty clothes, bags and gadgets whenever I have enough money but I’ve lately felt very guilty about what I was doing to my skin. My age wasn’t in any way near 50 but it sometimes feel like I was touching one. 🙁

I would, from time to time, use beauty products endorsed by celebrities that are quite expensive and somewhat well-known.  I also have fell for beauty bloggers that would claim that they’ve found their “holy grail” but I think that the effort required is just too much for a busy person like me.  I’ve been pretty simple with my beauty product needs: easy to use, effective and worth my money.

I was scouring Philippine beauty reviews and have come across this post from ModernFilipina.  Like, really?  Real gold? I was intrigued!

I then looked for where I could get my hands on them fancy products and found that they are actually very accessible to me – they have a kiosk in Greenbelt, Makati.  All checks with what I was looking for in a beauty product (bonus: Paraben-Free and against Animal-Testing) so I went ahead and purchased their Prestige Capsules!

Prestige Capsules Box – the unboxing!

Front of the Box 

Black Pearl Philippines - Top of the Box
The box itself is pretty much a treat already as it made me feel like there’s much thought given on its presentation.  A sticker’s a good indication that you’re pretty much secured about your purchase – it’s sealed, so you definitely received a fresh box.

What’s Inside – Prestige Capsules

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines - Inside the Box 1
Peek inside the box! The jar that contains the capsules is secured with cardboard paper.



Black Pearl Philippines Cosmetics - Jar of Capsules
The Prestige Capsules are inside! All I can say is – pretty!!!

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines - Prestige Capsules

Black Pearl Philippines Cosmetics - 1 Prestige capsule
Prestige Capsule

Review and First Impressions

The instruction on how to apply the product was very straightforward – just apply to clean skin.  I’ve gone ahead and researched on the best way to apply this particular product type and found this beauty product tip for absorption boost from WebMD:

From WebMD


Prestige Capsule - Opened
Opened one capsule for the night.


Inside the capsule’s a clear, semi-oily liquid that was easy to spread onto my entire face (made sure to include the neck).  It does have a faint scent but it didn’t bother me.  I had made sure to work the product using a circular motion and focused on my face’s problem areas (forehead and side of my cheeks).  The product got absorbed by my skin in less than a minute!

And so for the results?  I feel like my skin has tightened a bit (and maybe because it still is too early to be happy about the purchase) and there was obvious suppleness that could be felt before I washed my face in the morning.

I’m going out on a limb here and declare that this product fast-tracked the care that my fatigued skin needed. A definite good buy for anyone with the same skin problems as I do!

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