Filipina’s Review of Black Pearl Peeling Mask

Luxury skincare is not my thing mostly because I am a spend-thrift who finds simple joys in unmasking holy grail finds at the bargain bin. However, when I spend big, I spend really, really big, especially when I know I am making a nice investment for my future.

I am talking about the Pearl Peeling Mask from Black Pearl, which is part of an outrageously expensive but outrageously fabulous luxury skin products I stumbled upon just recently.

As you can probably tell from its name, the Black Pearl Peeling Mask contains black pearl powder, which is lately making a reputation for itself as the newest skincare star.

What’s in a Black Pearl Peeling Mask Jar?

The truth is black pearl, and by extension regular sea pearl, has been used as part of the beauty regimens of ancient Chinese empresses and princesses for thousands of years. The Chinese have long known of the skincare benefits of this precious gem in powder form, and have been using black pearl facial masks to purify, balance, and even out the skin tone for millennia.

Other star ingredients include seaweed, which everyone knows by now helps detoxify the skin and draw out its impurities, and minerals from the Dead Sea. I have been a fan of Dead Sea products for quite a while. Did you know that the Queen of Sheba and, later on, Cleopatra were said to have bathed in the Dead Sea and slathered themselves in its mineral-rich mud because of its beautifying properties? It looks to me peeling masks infused with Dead Sea minerals is the best way for us to take advantage of the salt lake’s benefits without having to travel all the way to Israel. Black Pearl Philippines Cosmetics Review Peeling Mask

So, you have a mix of black pearl powder, seaweed, and Dead Sea minerals all packed into this small 50 ml jar. That sounds like a pretty potent combination to me. But, of course, the best way to confirm that is to actually try out the mask.

The Pearl Peeling Mask comes in a tiny glass jar that weighs a bit heavier than it looks. It doesn’t come with a spoon for scooping out the product, but you can use a popsicle stick if you don’t want dipping your fingers in it. It smells really good, too, like you just opened a jar of really expensive face mask, which is what it is.

The consistency of the mask is not like other face masks. The product is rich and creamy to the touch, but when you spread it out over your face, you can feel the tiny grains of black pearl powder across your skin. The instructions say to massage the product into your face in circular movements for three to five minutes, and then you rinse it off. As with using other masks, only apply this mask after cleansing and toning.

How it Works and the Results

The way it works, the Pearl Peeling Mask feels more like a gentle face scrub than a mask, since it doesn’t really harden on your face. That isn’t much of an issue to me as long as I get my money’s worth for this product.

Did I? I most definitely did. After rinsing the mask off my face, I could instantly feel my face was cleaner and smoother. My usually large pores were also smaller and I could detect a subtle yet vibrant glow that wasn’t there before the mask. Some reviewers say they have seen a reduction in wrinkles after several uses, but I can’t speak for that (yet!).

If you’re still doubting whether to get this product or not, let me just say, while this face mask seems uber-expensive upfront, you’re actually spreading out its cost over an entire year, since you only need to use it once a month and use very little of the product each time.