Honesty Hour: Surrendering to the Asian Obsession to White Skin

As much as I want to accept my morena looking skin (after all, I do live in the Philippines!), I’ve always been so envious of those who have fairer, smoother and whiter skin. It’s weird knowing that Westerners find our skin tone desirable, whereas we find want to be fair, like them. It’s probably a result of being colonized by Americans, but all I know is I that I want my skin’s color to be a little bit lighter. The problem is, every skincare product or whitening beauty product claims to give you whiter skin in “just a matter of weeks,” – but you won’t know for sure which one works best for your skin.
After grueling hours of reading through several helpful blogs, this collection seems to be the most convincing. So, here’s one more of Black Pearl Philippines review to convince you to give it a try.

Black Pearl Whitening Night Cream

I always make it a habit of moisturizing my skin every time I go to bed. I switched from my usual night cream to this one from Black Pearl’s and the result left me speechless. Of course, I didn’t look fairer the first morning that I woke up, but my face looked fresh, despite my bed hair.

Black Pearl Whitening Mask

I try to splurge on facial products as much as I can because ignoring your skin can lead to embarrassing blemishes. The whitening mask that I got from Black Pearl is perfect for my dry skin as it cleanses it and makes it more radiant. I use it once on weekends whenever I pamper myself and de-stress from another tiring work week.

I’m sure that I’ll say goodbye to my morena skin, in a matter of weeks, without any regrets. With the help of Black Pearl, I’m on my way to Snow White skin that I’ve always dreamed of.