Reversing the Effects of Time with the Black Pearl Line [from Sea of Spa]

Is it because my dreaded 30th birthday is coming up? Or am I just imagining fine lines starting to form around my eyes and mouth? Somehow, experiencing years of career climbs, organizing Instagram-worthy bachelorette parties and attending adorable baby showers have caught up with me.

I feel older than I used to, and, no one wants to grow old or more importantly –look old, right? This is probably why a number of cosmetics companies, both in the Philippines and overseas, have catered to this specific anti-aging need by creating beauty and skincare products that slow down the process. Thankfully, I discovered Black Pearl Cosmetics’ skin care products that could perfectly keep up with my facial skin’s demands.  Here’s a bit of a review of each beauty product:

  • Begin with a Cleanser

I start my beauty regimen by using the Face Mousse Cleanser of Black Pearl, as it helps guard the natural barrier of my skin. It removes excess oil and dirt, tones my skin, purifies it and balances the natural level of moisture, leaving my face feeling refreshed.  I also have read that this is the best way to make sure that any skincare product would have its utmost effect – with a clean face.Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines Face Mousse Cleanser

  • Follow it up with SPF

Before facing the external elements, I use SPF to protect my face. Black Pearl Cosmetics’ Perfect Day Cream SPF 25 that I use has a silky light texture cream that keeps my face moisturized. It also rejuvenates and balances it, besides smoothening out the forming wrinkles.

  • Seal it with a Serum

To prevent and hide any signs of aging, I ensure that I don’t go out of my home without putting on the Contouring Face and Eye Cream Serum, from Black Pearl, of course! This helps improve the elasticity, tone, and texture of my skin.

All the products under the Black Pearl line come in classy black containers that would look chic on my minimalist-themed beauty counter. With the help of the active anti-aging ingredients, my face already looks and feels10 years younger, reversing the effects of time.

Find out if this routine is for you, too and check out the rest of the products that are available: