24K Gold Eye Elixir Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines’ 24K Gold Eye Elixir – Worth its weight in Gold

Eye care products have come a long way. Different variants are now available in the market: enriched and made with natural ingredients, organic. And more recently, it includes Gold in the list of ingredients. Instyle Magazine has covered the benefits of gold in cosmetics: “Gold is used as an anti-aging ingredient, as it can help reduce […]

Filipina Black Pearl Cosmetics

Honesty Hour: Surrendering to the Asian Obsession to White Skin

As much as I want to accept my morena looking skin (after all, I do live in the Philippines!), I’ve always been so envious of those who have fairer, smoother and whiter skin. It’s weird knowing that Westerners find our skin tone desirable, whereas we find want to be fair, like them. It’s probably a […]

black pearl cleopatra mask review

Setting a Gold Standard for Beauty – A Review of Black Pearl’s 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask

If the endorsement for a facial product came from the infamous beauty, Cleopatra, wouldn’t you give it a try, too? That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Black Pearl 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask, a luxury skincare product sold right here in the Philippines. No matter what people say about Cleopatra, […]

Black Pearl Philippines Egyptian Gods Skincare

Age Elegantly Like a True Egyptian Queen with 24K Gold Facial

Cleopatra was always known for her seductive and ageless beauty that you can easily find people searching for her natural beauty secrets online. The Egyptian Queen is the envy of many, even after centuries has passed. It’s no wonder a big beauty brand like Black Pearl used her as an inspiration to create some of […]

Black Pearl Philippines Cosmetics Review Peeling Mask

Filipina’s Review of Black Pearl Peeling Mask

Luxury skincare is not my thing mostly because I am a spend-thrift who finds simple joys in unmasking holy grail finds at the bargain bin. However, when I spend big, I spend really, really big, especially when I know I am making a nice investment for my future. I am talking about the Pearl Peeling […]