24K Gold Eye Elixir Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines’ 24K Gold Eye Elixir – Worth its weight in Gold

Eye care products have come a long way. Different variants are now available in the market: enriched and made with natural ingredients, organic. And more recently, it includes Gold in the list of ingredients. Instyle Magazine has covered the benefits of gold in cosmetics: “Gold is used as an anti-aging ingredient, as it can help reduce […]

Black Pearl Philippines Cosmetics - Jar of Capsules

Battling Fatigued and Aging Skin with Black Pearl Prestige Capsules from Sea of Spa

So skincare was just really, really, really near the bottom of my priority list for years.  I’ve always said that I’d rather buy pretty clothes, bags and gadgets whenever I have enough money but I’ve lately felt very guilty about what I was doing to my skin. My age wasn’t in any way near 50 […]

Black Pearl Cosmetics Philippines Face Mousse Cleanser

Reversing the Effects of Time with the Black Pearl Line [from Sea of Spa]

Is it because my dreaded 30th birthday is coming up? Or am I just imagining fine lines starting to form around my eyes and mouth? Somehow, experiencing years of career climbs, organizing Instagram-worthy bachelorette parties and attending adorable baby showers have caught up with me. I feel older than I used to, and, no one […]

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Honesty Hour: Surrendering to the Asian Obsession to White Skin

As much as I want to accept my morena looking skin (after all, I do live in the Philippines!), I’ve always been so envious of those who have fairer, smoother and whiter skin. It’s weird knowing that Westerners find our skin tone desirable, whereas we find want to be fair, like them. It’s probably a […]