Setting a Gold Standard for Beauty – A Review of Black Pearl’s 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask

If the endorsement for a facial product came from the infamous beauty, Cleopatra, wouldn’t you give it a try, too?

Black Pearl Cleopatra 24k Gold Review

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw the Black Pearl 24k Gold Cleopatra Mask, a luxury skincare product sold right here in the Philippines. No matter what people say about Cleopatra, there is one thing she is legendary for and that’s her beauty. Unconventional, perhaps, but something that cannot be denied. One supposed secret is her use of gold masks to keep her face firm and wrinkle-free. I’m not that old, but I do want to age as gracefully as I can. Gold is said to have skin rejuvenating properties. I figure, if this helps me deal with skin dryness and allergies, it will be well worth the cost!

What cost? Well…put simply, you cannot possibly expect true 24k gold to come cheap. The luxe product presentation should give you a clue: a deep black box with gold accents and thick jars made to insulate the contents. I suppose that is one disadvantage to the product line—it hurts the pockets! Again, consider the effects of the product to determine its worth to you. For people who need a massive treatment boost (and I mean a one-two punch of Dead Sea minerals, plus gold), be it for dryness or anti-ageing, the Black Pearl 24k line is perfect for you!

Cleopatra Mask

I will start with the item that first caught my attention. Aside from the product itself, the box also holds a little spatula and a gold bar. This gold bar is actually what makes the product unique compared to most other beauty product masks I’ve used, but I will discuss that later.

The product contains black mud from the Dead Sea but there’s absolutely no sign of this when you look at the mask. It’s no wonder about how much gold the product actually contains, as the mask is completely gold! The texture, thick and creamy, is probably the only way to tell that there’s black mud in there. As part of your good skincare habit, always use a little spoon or spatula to transfer the product instead of dipping your fingers in the jar. This will keep the product clean and assure you that what you put on your face is as hygienic as possible.

Although I knew I was putting gold on my face, it felt like any other clay mask I’ve used. It wasn’t particularly heavy and I could still talk and move my facial muscles. I dutifully waited for the mask to dry, by which time it looked like I was wearing a slightly tarnished gold mask. Then it was time to use my little gold bar!

This bar is actually a 24k gold-plated magnet. If the name “Black Pearl” didn’t sound luxurious enough, the idea of cleaning your face using 24k gold and a 24k gold bar should do the trick!

I wrapped the magnet in tissue, as instructed by the Black Pearl representative, then very lightly let it glide over my skin. Just like that, the gold started peeling off. I didn’t feel a thing, but after the gold was removed my skin felt like I had a major spa treatment. I rinsed the residue off with warm water; 15 minutes from start to finish versus 2 hours (for other forms of skin treatment) for skin that’s smooth as silk? Worth it!

Now, I did my research, too, and found out that for some people, gold may actually be a trigger for allergic reactions. So due warning, when it comes to using this and any – skincare product: be aware of your allergies! Visit one of their shops to see if your skin reacts to the product before you buy. I’m aware of all my allergies—you have to be when you have sensitive skin!—so I wasn’t at all worried when I decided to give this a try and review it for myself.

THE Supreme Night Cream

I always believe in applying a follow-up treatment. So when I bought the mask, I just had to get some kind of moisturizer to support its effects.

The Black Pearl 24k Gold Supreme Night Cream (also available in the Philippines) comes in a jar that looks very similar to the mask. Used nightly, it claims to restore the skin’s collagen content and reduce or remove blemishes. Historically, gold is believed to be an antibacterial element so the claims should, again, hold true.

This is my first time to use this skincare product, however, and it will require a follow-up beauty review. I will say this about the first use: it felt just like butter. It’s not greasy but it does feel thick and can take a little bit of time for the skin to absorb. Paired with the Cleopatra Mask, however, I feel like I have a winning combination of products simply because I feel that products that belong to a single line produce the best, complementary effects. And when I woke up the following morning, I looked perfectly refreshed and ready to face my day!


The verdict of this Black Pearl Cosmetics review? The products have so far proven themselves worth the cost. It will be a while before I need to buy more of the mask and I will have to see how long the effects of the night cream last. I would give this one a 4/5 just because it’s not something that everyone can afford to use, but for those who can and would actually spend a lot to look amazing for the rest of their life, these beauty products are true to their promise of better-looking, youthful skin.

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